Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve

This is the most beautiful Christmas Eve Day I’ve ever seen. The ice storm that left us without heat, hydro, internet or cable, that felled ancient trees and made it dangerous to drive, has aided in making this a never-to-be-forgotten, postcard-worthy, historical family experience.  The one-inch thick ice that surrounds the tiniest of branches has been covered in a soft powder of snow. The world is white and clean and sparkles. Years from now when someone asks “remember that Christmas we got the ice storm?” heads will nod knowingly and voices will rise to beat others out in telling Their story of this year. Like this Christmas wasn’t going to be memorable enough for me. Thank you Momma Nature.

The lack of electricity has meant we haven’t been sitting around watching the usual Christmas specials. Instead we’ve collectively put together a 500-piece puzzle, played Apples to Apples and shared with each other things that usually get overshadowed by the big-topic conversations that are etched out of the few minutes left awkwardly vacant between the frenzy of gift exchanging and boisterous gluttony. School’s good, new place is okay, roommate sucks, like the job, going to get a haircut, might try to take a vacation. This year we have had time to connect, to talk, to listen, and to hear what is going on in each other’s lives in more than the usual superficial catch-up kind of way. We’ve confessed fears, resentments and accomplishments; shared dreams, made goals, accepted challenges, and set aside pettiness. Responses to requests for help come without the normal complement of groans.

It may all blow up by Christmas dinner, but for now I’m enjoying my Christmas bliss.

Gnoman is perched in the Christmas tree, bottle of wine in hand. I have to keep watching to make sure his cigarette doesn’t torch the tree.

Merry Christmas everyone.